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Yo, my name is Auston J. Morgan, and this is my first time in JagWire. To tell a little about me, i am 17 years old, have five dogs and one cat at home, and am very interested in video games and animation. A friend recommended the class to me, and hope to have a lot of fun in here.

I am hoping to spread the interesting and important news of our academic and spirited lifestyle. As a senior in this fine school, I hope to make many people laugh, feel awkward, and interested in the happenings we have the privilege to write about. I hope you enjoy what we have to say, instead of ignoring it and shoving it somewhere else. In layman's terms, don't ignore us. Ever. That would be very bad for us. We enjoy doing this, and I would be excited if future high schoolers can be able to enjoy this as well.

I am really excited to be in here to improve my own writing, with the support and constructive criticism of others, while getting out there what is going on in our own school. I will hope that if i talk to new people, that I learn how they feel about what is happening in our classes. On that note, I WILL come and talk to random people at lunches to learn what you know is happening in our school, and I hope that you will help me in getting this news around. I will bring you what I feel you should know, while there will be very entertaining articles as well. Let's do this as a school, and stay in the know together.

Auston Morgan, Reporter

Nov 20, 2015
Robotics introduction and preparation brings members together (Story)
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