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The JagWire staff encourages students, staff and community members to contact the publication with any questions, comments, or letters to the editors.

To contact the JagWire Editorial Board and co-editors-in-chief, email brackets.jagwire@gmail.com

To contact an individual staff member, email [their first-name][their last-name].jagwire@gmail.com.

Letters to the Editors policy

JagWire will accept unsolicited copy from students, staff, parents, and community members. Only signed and dated letters with an address and phone number from community members, or grade level and adviser from students, will be accepted. Letters should be limited to no more than 400 words and will be published as space is available. All letters are the sole opinion of the writers, and the staff reserves the right to edit any letter for space and/or clarity. We will not publish submitted material that may substantially disrupt the school process or potentially harm individuals.

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