Club fair introduces sophomores to new opportunities

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Club fair introduces sophomores to new opportunities

Writer's Society's poster board for the sophomore club fair Sept. 19.

Writer's Society's poster board for the sophomore club fair Sept. 19.

Mikayla Jennings

Writer's Society's poster board for the sophomore club fair Sept. 19.

Mikayla Jennings

Mikayla Jennings

Writer's Society's poster board for the sophomore club fair Sept. 19.

Sydney Blankenship, Reporter

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The Sophomore Club Fair was held at Emerald Ridge Sept. 19. Clubs gained members, and sophomores who may have been unaware of the clubs gained important knowledge.

Genealogy club, a club dedicated to uncovering information about their members’ ancestors and past, is excited to start the new year of club activities. The club has accounts on sites such as, and they work together to find who they might be related to. The club takes place in club advisor and ASL teacher Mitchell Noll’s room on Thursdays during JAG time. This club is open to anyone currently attending ER.

“It’s amazing,” junior Brianna Paiva said. “Last year, it only had like five students, so we want to have more people so we will be able to get to spread out, and also help each other out.”

Robotics club meets up on Thursdays and Tuesdays after school. The club works together to make robots, and enters the robot they make in competitions. Last year, the club did very well in competition, and featured their robot in assemblies. Robotics club can be joined during sophomore year.

“The programmers program the robot, and they make the movement for the robot so it will function based on codes you give it. Then the builders make the robot based on the requirements and restrictions,” senior Tim Blasko said. “Robotics is basically one big leap into the world society as of today.”

The GSA, otherwise known as the LGBTQ, is a group of students striving for equality. The club is a safe environment, open to anyone, and is especially focused on the LGBT community. LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Trans-sexual, Questioning. The club meets during JAG time every other Tuesday in Seamus O’Reilly’s room. Anyone in ER can join.

“Basically, it’s a safe environment for everyone, and we’re trying to stop bullying of anyone’s religion, or sexual orientation, or anything,” junior Moe Braun said. “I guess it has more of an appeal to LGBT members and those who are more accepting, but it’s open to anyone.”

These clubs and more are open during JAG time or after school.

ERHS clubs:

ASL Club – Mattson (E227): every other Wednesday during JAG

Chess Club – Paul (E235): Thursdays during JAG

Debate Team – Bucklin (E229): TBA

DECA – Sabin (A131): 2nd Thursday each month during JAG

Equity Club – MBengue (D205): TBA

FCCLA – Barabe (Glacier View Junior High): Thursdays in the CCC

FEA – Muehlenbruch (E220): TBA

FFA & Green Team – Ferry (E121): Thursdays during JAG

French Club – MBengue (D205): TBA

Jag Air Academy – Lynn (C109): Wednesdays during JAG

Geneaology Club – Noll (E228): every other Thursday during JAG

German Club – Cirhan (E240): Wednesdays during JAG

GSA/LGBTQ – O’Reilly (E237): every other Thursday during JAG

HOSA – Wickett (E215): 1st and 3rd Thursdays during JAG

Key & Interact Club – McMullan (Auditorium): 1st and 3rd Wednesdays during JAG

Metal Club (music genre) – O’Reilly (D207): Tuesday and Thursday during JAG

National Honor Society – Barry (D218): 1st Thursdays during JAG

Olympian Club – Shrader: TBA

Pacific Islander Club – Mr. LG (Auditorium): 2nd and 4th Thursdays during JAG

Pottery/Art Club – Malyon (C108): Wednesdays during JAG

Robotics Club – Pernu: after school

Spanish Club – Devereux (E206): 2nd and 4th Wednesdays during JAG

Step Team – Connor (E205): Wednesdays during JAG (Gym) and Thursdays after school

Technology Club – Westerbur (E113): Thursday during JAG

Youth Alive – Mirk (D220): Thursdays during JAG

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