Bingeworthy: The Return of Stranger Things

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Bingeworthy: The Return of Stranger Things

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If you haven’t seen Season One of Stranger Things yet then this isn’t for you. If you have though, then please, stay with me.

It was very chaotic. Between Will getting kidnapped and people dying, to Eleven showing up and the connection between her and Mike. Everything was crazy. In the end though, Will came back from the Upside Down and Eleven killed the Demogorgon but got trapped in the Upside Down. Then we had to wait for a year, but Season Two finally came and the wait was worth it.

Season Two was very slow-building. In the beginning nothing extreme was happening. The first couple episodes showed us what is going on with everybody at that point. Will is having some problems with the Upside Down and the Shadow Monster. Eleven came back and was alive, but hidden. Mike was sad and missed Eleven. Dustin and Lucas are doing just fine.

In episode four and five things got intense. Life and death matters come into hand. Eleven finds her ‘sister’ and runs away. The Upside Down begins to take over Hawkins yet again. Dustin finds a baby Demogorgon. Will is taken over by the Shadow Monster. Things are crazy, and Eleven is nowhere to be found. Eventually she comes back and saves the day but there is still lots of sadness and death.

For me,  Season one was better, but Season two still blew my mind. It’s definitely binge-watch worthy. I binge-watched it in one day. I had to pause and comprehend everything though; it was that intense. My only question would have to be is, what is in store for Season three? Things seem to of been summed up and everything seems over. I’m guessing and hoping it goes back to Eleven and her ‘sister’. Or maybe Dr. Brenner, from Season 1, isn’t actually dead and he comes back.

Here’s what our Jags have to say.

“A lot going on…good, I enjoyed it”, Junior Alexis Loop said along with, “Best show I ever watched on Netflix”

“Season 1 is better…Dustin is my favorite character, he’s so cute”, Junior Nicole Kohn said.

“Season 2 was better, the characters grew a lot, Steve’s development was amazing”, Junior Alejandro Rosenau said.

“It’s a great show. I would marry everybody on it if I could…I’m looking forward to season 3”, Sophomore Adrianna Jones said.

Stranger Things Season 2 was a roller coaster of emotions, but overall an amazing season. I’m excited to see what’s next for Stranger Things.

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