Call of Duty Returns to its Roots

Dominic Gaul, Sports Editor

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Call of Duty: World War II was released  November 3rd. Most who have played older Call of Duty games welcome the return to a boots-on-the-ground combat game.

The game features a highly detailed campaign mode that takes you through France fighting for the 1st Infantry Division along with a simple multiplayer mode and the return of Nazi Zombies.

The game has faced much criticism, good and bad, due to the fact that it has been a few years since Call of Duty was a boots-on-the-ground style game. Without spoiling anything, the campaign features a cinematic feel to the cutscenes with the game boasting almost 2 ½ hours to cutscenes not including game play.

The game feels smooth and plays how it should aside from the occasional server issues that arise with a new game. The multiplayer is fast paced and keeps you moving and the zombies game mode has so many hidden missions and easter eggs you’ll always be finding something to do. If you’re new to the Call of Duty franchise or are a returning fan this is a game I would highly recommend checking out and possibly picking up this holiday season.

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