CWU Brings Instant Admission to Emerald Ridge

Dyana Utz, Reporter

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Brittney Mailhot is a regional admissions counselor for all of Pierce County for Central Washington University, a relatively small university in Ellensburg Washington, who does on the spot admissions at high schools.

“It makes the process a whole lot shorter and it takes the pressure to find a college to get into off of the shoulders of the seniors.” Mailhot said.

They are looking for at least a GPA of 2.5 but if you have a lower score then they will take your registration form back to the campus for consideration. Also they want CADR (College Academic Distribution Requirements) classes. These CADR classes are, 4 years of english, 4 years of math, 2 years of a lab based science with one being algebra based, 3 years of a social science, 2 years of a world language, and a year of an art or an elective.

“We are trying to form a brick wall, and CADRes are like the bricks while your GPA is your mortar,” said Mailhot, “ while we would prefer that you have all of them, some classes weigh more than others like math and science, they are like the bottom of the wall, while your art elective is at the top of the wall.”

Central also has an auto admit policy, where if you have a GPA of a 3.4 or better they will disregard your SAT and ACT tests scores  automatically submitted to Central as long as you meet the other requirements, but you should still take the tests so that they can get you in touch with some scholarships.

Central has many different scholarships to choose from. They are NCAA Division 2 which means that they are allowed to give scholarships to people who are “athletically gifted.”  they also have financial aid where they give on average 55 million dollars a year to students in need. Or as another option they have a scholarship central, where you fill out one application then send it in, and it will connect you with all of the scholarships that you qualify for. On average, students pay only 3,000 dollars a school year out of pocket for school.

“There are over 100 different types of clubs on campus so you  will never be bored,” Mailhot said, “ and first year students are required to live on the campus. But we are the fastest growing college in the state, with our brand new stem building and our new dorm rooms.”

“In my graduating class of 2001, we had maybe 200 students,” regional admissions counselor Octavia Garcia-Ruiz said, “but then two years later the student population grew to 1,500. In 2016 the student population was 1900, but just last year it jumped up to 2100. With this expedient growth of student population it is getting hard to maintain our small class sizes, which we will do.”

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