Jigsaw Review: Horror Fans Will Like It

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Jigsaw Review: Horror Fans Will Like It

Brooke Gray, Student Life Editor

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The movie that started it all in the year 2004 gained its popularity throughout years of back to back films of the famous killer-Jigsaw. Waiting for seven years for the newest movie of the franchise of the same creators Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures also with a help with A Bigger Boat and Serendipity Productions proudly presents the hopefully not the final film of Jigsaw the crazed serial killer.

If you don’t know the backstory of the previously other films long story short, there’s a killer by the name of Jigsaw who picks certain people with back stories who sinned from what they done in their life to even their career choice yet whoever wins the game or whoever finds their bodies shows the true meaning of the gift of life.

In this film bodies begin to show up with the frightening mark of their skin carved out into a jigsaw piece having law enforcement try to figure out where this killer went if they are just chasing a ghost of a dead man of the name of John Kramer or just a copycat wanting to be the new Jigsaw with Billy the puppet as the face of the killer.

This haunting R-rated film from the fact of the bloody violence and torture, and for the language that all horror film lovers and lovers of the other movies, but credits disapprove having just an average of 4.7 out of 10 for most Rotten Tomatoes reviewers, but compared toward the 95% audience score of the score of 4.8 out of 5 stars say otherwise.

It was slow at the beginning not enough gore for my taste until it got toward the middle and end, that’s when the true Saw movie moments happened. Yes it’s similar toward the other films but that is how each movie is; connecting to the previous movies getting more information with each film.

In the other Saw movie franchise it’s all about the players in the game, yes in this film it still shows the players but this time you get more information toward Jigsaw himself, you get to understand the true reason of why he created the game in a way.

Yet for those who aren’t a horror fan or a fan in gory films this isn’t the right movie for you, it’s a typical Saw movie with people getting murdered and limbs being torn apart, but if you are a lover of those things this is the right choice of movie for you.

So–wanna play a game?


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