Humans of E.R.: Oda Naesset

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Humans of E.R.: Oda Naesset

Ricky Ashcroft, Reporter

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For most people, high school is about staying at one school until you graduate and maybe going to college but senior Oda Næsset decided to do something different. Næsset is a Norwegian exchange student who is currently attending Emerald Ridge this year.

“[Emerald Ridge] Offers a lot of cool classes I haven’t had the chance to take before,” Næsset said,

Being from Norway, Næssets’ school education system is very different. Instead of the American system of going to six different classes with six different teachers, in Norway you stay in one classroom with the same kids for a year and the teachers go to each class.

“When you start highschool in Norway, you have to choose one course of study you can’t have art and photography,” Næsset said.

Living in a new country even for a year is very much a learning experience, understanding the nuances of a new culture might even take years. Næsset has been interested in learning about living in America.

“I’ve always been really interested in American culture, not just visiting the country but kind of living there and see what the people are really like,” Næsset said.

Næsset had the option of going to Ireland, England or America but, America was her first choice. Before coming to Washington, Næsset stayed in New York before flying over to Washington.

“When we went to New York, before I got here it felt like I was visiting, just temporarily,” Næsset said.

Everyone has felt alone at some point but feeling alone while being in a new country is even more stressful but thankfully, Næsset hasn’t had this problem while going to Emerald Ridge.

“People are really welcoming so I haven’t had any problems, I haven’t been alone,” Næsset said.

Næsset will only be staying at Emerald Ridge for a year before going back to Norway for her last year at highschool then but until then, she’ll be able to experience life in America and life as an Emerald Ridge student.

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