JAGTV News Prepares For Reboot As Streaming Service

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JAGTV News Prepares For Reboot As Streaming Service

Dominic Gaul, Sports Editor

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Current seniors at Emerald Ridge may remember a two week period during their sophomore year where announcements were done through the T.V. with Jag TV News. This year there’s a small group of seniors working to bring the program back with the video productions teacher Mr. David Orona.

One of the members of JagTV, Senior Cameron Ryan, is helping to restart the show, and he had quite a bit to say about what they’re up to and whose idea it really was to bring it back.

“It was Orona’s idea last year to get it rolling again and he had it transferred over to this year,” Ryan said.

With all the students involved there’s a pretty big question as to who’s in charge of what and what everyone’s doing for it.

“There’s not really one person in charge, but I guess Orona is the one in charge of us. Everyone’s in charge of different things, Oronas the central guy though,” Ryan said.

With so many people in charge everyone is going to have a different role at some point whether it’s anchor or weatherman or they’re hidden behind the scenes.

“I’m in charge of the cameras and I run the technology based items for the Wednesday and Friday broadcasts,” Ryan said.

The work for JagTV to get up and running has been happening for the video productions two students all year long so far. Many people are wondering how long we’ll be waiting to see the first broadcast.

“We have all of the stuff we need, we just need the district to set up the internet stuff, but we’re test recording certain segments already to know how we’re gonna do it. I think it will be up and running in a month or two,” Ryan said.

They are a news program for the school so the school can expect most things to come out of it being announcements and news from around the school.

“We’re gonna be running announcements and whether we have a couple interesting ones we’re trying to get every other week a prank on a teacher or student, and we want to do interviews of students and teachers and make it interesting to watch,” Ryan said.

Senior Kyle Moran is on the staff for JagTV as well and he’s behind a lot of the new projects that the crew is coming up with for the show.

“We’re going to start doing a bunch of staff interviews, live stream the sports games, we’re going to be doing the daily announcements and doing skits,” Moran said.

His role is off camera, he is an editor and he has to piece together and edit the different scenes that they record for the daily episodes.

With being on this new project for the school most are excited about what they get to do for it and what they’re going to be showing the school.

“I’m most excited about getting to know the staff better by interviewing them throughout the year,” Moran said.

Again the question must be asked when do they hope to go live and start streaming daily.

“We’re hoping and planning to be live before Thanksgiving if everything goes to plan here on out,” Moran said.

So if you’re interested in what’s happening around the school make sure you tune in this year to the all new JagTV episodes.

Editor’s Note: In an update to this print story, the newscast is undergoing some changes.  One is an updated name to Jagcast.  The timeline is also delayed until after Thanksgiving as some hardware needs beckon.  We will update their status throughout the year.

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