Humans of ER–Bizzy Christensen: The Girl Who Makes Shirts For Everything

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Humans of ER–Bizzy Christensen: The Girl Who Makes Shirts For Everything

Khaleah Nix, Editor in Chief

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Emerald Ridge’s student store, The Jungle, famously sells tee shirts and other apparel that are worn by students for events such as spirit week and football games.

Bizzy Christensen, the visual design manager for business and marketing, has been given the task of making all of the shirt designs for business and marketing.This year,she  put out a camo-out tee shirt, a pink-out tee shirt, and the popular King of the Hill tee shirt. Apparel at the student store is extremely popular this year. They even broke their record for revenue in the month of September within the first week of school.

Design has always been a passion of Christensen’s, and she plans on making designs for other classes such as AP US government and politics, AP literature, and shirts for her advisory. Although others have jokingly titled her as the person that makes shirts for everything, her creative talent spans out much farther than just tee shirts.

“I took a lot of art classes last year, and I was able to really focus on creating an aesthetic and developing my skills in design,” Christensen said.

In one of Christensen’s design classes, she had a project that required her to make a poster for a fake business. A friend of hers, that was in business and marketing at the time, thought the design Christensen made was great and showed it to the business and marketing teacher, Cynthia Russell. Russell enjoyed Christensen’s design as well and saw potential in her to add something exceptional to business and marketing. In the end, the title visual design manager was created specifically for Christensen and she has used her title to add as much as she can to business and marketing’s apparel.

The business and the arts field typically aren’t categorized together. Christensen has integrated her interests in creative arts and business together and has created a position that is all her own. She is excited to put her best work into business and marketing this year.

“A big part of business is advertising, and advertising is based around visuals. It’s important to know things like what colors mean to people, what type of reaction are they going to get out of something. Taking design has given me an edge with advertisement that will incite a reaction from people,” Christensen said.

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