Human of ER-Jake Gray: more than quiet and polite

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Human of ER-Jake Gray: more than quiet and polite

Brooke Gray, Student Life Editor

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Jake Gray is a senior,  the kid who does his best in all his classes, wishing his teachers a nice day after leaving class and, staying quiet until he is spoken to. But toward his fellow classmates he is known as a brooding student that has the face that reads don’t disturb me, making him unapproachable.

“A lot of people think I’m angry or something but I’m not so I just try to speak in a nice tone to get rid of the angriness,” Gray said.

During his free time Gray enjoys drawing, He mostly does graphite drawings but changes when it comes toward his drawing class here at Emerald Ridge. Gray has a very unique way when it comes to his art, he dabbles in a little of everything from realistic, cartoony and his own style, but what he enjoys the most is creepy and horror-like creatures.

“I tend to draw people but also creepy ominous or distorted creatures, I want to draw more but because of school I have a limited amount of time than I use too, ” Gray said.

Besides drawing Gray spends his time on his blueish grey couch in the corner playing action or RPG games. Some of his favorites is the Dark Souls series and Skyrim games, it’s pretty much the same when it comes to his drawing style his gaming style is dark and creepy with a artist look. Some of the games Gray plays are overlooked by others unless later on they become popular.

“They have a nice style to them having it be a fun time to play,” Gray said.

Back when Gray was in junior high over by our neighboring school Glacier View he used to be in a drama class. When it came toward the end of his final year at Glacier View he was the highest ‘level’ in his class becoming close toward his teacher Sundstrom.

“It was my favorite because I really liked the teacher and being out of my comfort zone and just being a whole new person kind of thing,” Gray said.

Gray had many fine memories of being a part of drama but one of them that was his all time favorite was a project called student directing plays, somewhat similar to one acts here at Emerald Ridge.

“We would have a student be a director of a group and make our own little scenes, another thing I liked was the little plays we had on,” Gray said.

Now that middle school is over and he is a high schooler his drama days are over and instead of being on stage and remembering lines his new favorite class is drawing spending his time doing what he enjoys-creating art.

“I love drawing and it’s kind of nice not thinking up your own idea and have a task for something to draw,” Gray said.

While Gray is doing well in his classes and spending time creating away on paper he wishes a few things that could change in this school but his top thought is the dreadful senior boards he has to do this year.

“I’ll just deal with it I guess it’s just that I heard that other schools don’t have to do these boards and I think that it would be easier for other students for them not to worry about them. Because students who have good grades still have to worry about the student boards to be able to graduate,” Gray said.

Now you know a little bit more about Jake Gray or more if you didn’t already know about him, the artsy fartsy quiet kid who is polite to all.

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