Humans of ER: Emily Repass Manages Wrestlers

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Humans of ER: Emily Repass Manages Wrestlers

Ethan Hosler, Reporter

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Emily Repass is a senior this year, and is the head manager of the Emerald Ridge Wrestling team. This is her fifth and last year as a wrestling manager. Repass started managing Ferrucci Junior High’s wrestling team during her 8th grade year, and hasn’t stopped ever since.

“I wanted to be more involved in my school,” Repass said.

She admits that when she had first started as a manager, she felt isolated and excluded because the other managers were already close friends.

“I doubted whether it was a good choice,” Repass said.

Returning as a manager for Emerald Ridge in her junior year, however, Repass found herself growing more attached to the team.

“I spent a lot of time with them,” said Repass, “so my friendships with most of the wrestlers were pretty personal.”

In her junior year, Repass was deemed a co-head manager, with her partner being then-senior Kaitlyn Dill, who has since graduated.

“Managing started to take up even more of my time,” Repass said, “because I had to train six new managers.”

There was an obvious contrast between her most recent year managing and her first.

“I was definitely more relevant and appreciated during my junior year,” Repass said, “which made managing feel much more rewarding.”

Repass is now a senior, going into her fifth and last season as a wrestling manager. She is now the main head manager of the team, with a small group of other managers, both new and returning.

“It’s a lot of mixed emotions thinking about my last year,” Repass said, “I feel very proud to have gotten the chance to work with such amazing wrestlers, but it’s also sad that I can’t keep doing it.”

Although it may be a bittersweet season for Repass, she hopes it will turn out to be a wonderful year.

“I’m going to miss the team,” said Repass. “They are like a family to me.”

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