Drumline Gets Bigger and Better

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Drumline Gets Bigger and Better

Kiana Joyner, Reporter

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The Emerald Ridge Drumline is something that not many people pay attention to; but, they really should.

Most people get put into the drumline through class. They start band in 5th-7th grade and then continue throughout high school. When asked about it, many students in drumline agree that it’s very fun and everybody is very welcoming.

“It’s like one big family” Senior Fletcher Marat said.

Sophomore Alex Valadez agrees the drumline has a supportive environment.  Everyone is positive and creates a feeling of drummer paradise.

A second reason why students find a home on the  drumline is because they love to play the drums. This is the case with Junior Brody Harper.

“I love drums. They’re a way to have fun and focus my energy on something productive,” Harper said.

Playing drums can help many people direct their energy into something positive and useful.

Another reason why students enjoy the drumline is because of the energy. “It’s hype, it gets everybody energized” Senior Cole Best said.

The drumline helps wild up the crowd by bringing life and amazing power.

“Kind of like the spirit of the school” Band director Mr. Fry said. Honestly he’s right, I mean where would we be spirit wise without the drumline?

On the flip side, there are still struggles to this ‘fun, hype’ family. The first is that you must practice, constantly. Most students have their own drums at home because it would be ideal, but a few must practice at school, using the school’s’ drums. Other students have their own drums at the school. Either way, it’s hard and practice is key. Even little things to help memorization go a long way.

“Me and Cole will just start tapping on tables even,” Harper said.

Another struggle is that a lot of what the drumline plays isn’t on sheet music; it’s a lot of listen, watch, repeat, and memorize.

“It’s a lot to handle” Fry said.

Paying attention and practicing is very important, and anybody could take your spot according to Marat.

The students in drumline will sometimes have friendly competition to help each other have motivation to practice. Most of the time, however, this isn’t a problem.

“Great group this year. They’re good leaders and inspire each other” Fry said. Emerald Ridge is lucky to have them.

The Emerald Ridge drumline doesn’t get enough attention for how much they really put into this school.

“I just really hope the school loves the drumline, because the drumline loves the school” Fry said. Between all their hard work and helping a crowd at a game, we really should be supporting them more.

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