Humans of ER: Kiera Bullion Doesn’t Fit Your Cheerleader Stereotype

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Humans of ER: Kiera Bullion Doesn’t Fit Your Cheerleader Stereotype

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Junior Kiera Bullion is a cheerleader at ER. But she’s not quite the what you’d imagine.

“I am a cheerleader but I break basically every stereotype,” Bullion said. “I listen primarily to rock and metal, watch WAY too much anime. I read constantly, and I play videogames (mostly mod the heck out of Skyrim) and play Dungeons and Dragons.”

Bullion is passionate about thinking positive thinking, memes, and friendship. She also lives by the belief that everyone deserves a chance.

Bullion says cheerleading is the source of her stress relief and exercise. She has been a cheerleader at Emerald Ridge since 8th grade, when Bullion was on Junior Jags Cheer. Before that Bullion was a figure skater for 8 years.  When Kiera was figure skating, it was her escape and it was something that she could be proud of.

Bullion’s favorite band is ‘In this moment’ and her favorite song by them is “Scarlett” and her favorite movie is “Corpse Bride.” Kiera watched this movie when her friend was in the hospital.

“it was the only thing that really got me through it” Bullion said.

In 8th grade Bullion went through a difficult situation.

“My best friend was in the hospital and I did not know if she was going to die or not” Bullion said, “no one would tell me if she was ok or not. I was really worried.”

It was a really hard situation for Bullion because Kiera was really close to her friend.

“I was incredibly relieved and happy when she came home and was ok.”

It’s just one more example that in friendship as in cheerleading, Kiera Bullion breaks all the stereotypes

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