Humans of ER: Rayshuiden Guiden Chases Her College Dreams

Hope Bowles, Reporter

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Senior Rayshunda Guiden, wearing a bright pink outfit to lighten up the cloudy and rainy weather coming, is eighteen and ready to graduate. With one last year for the seniors, college is on everyone’s mind. Do I want to go to college? Does my dream job expect me to have done college? What college do I want to go to? Maybe even, what is my dream Job?

Rayshunda is already ahead of that, she knows that college is what she wants to do.

” The one I want to go to the most is John Hopkins University in Maryland.” Rayshunda said.

Colleges have many requirements for admission. Many students don’t pay attention to these, and we often focus on grades to make sure our GPA is high enough.

But college is expensive, and often finding a way to pay for it is as challenging as meeting the academic requirements.

“I have a person who helps me find scholarships.” Rayshunda said, “And also looks at colleges and which ones will work for me the most based on what I like and don’t like.”

There are colleges all around the world offering all kinds of different classes. Some people go to college to learn a certain skill, or study a particular subject. Either way you go to college to learn new things and get smarter.

Rayshunda is going to college to learn how to be a cardiac surgeon. This is a medical doctor who specializes in surgical procedures of the heart, lungs, esophagus, and other organs in the chest. Their salary is a median income of $522,875 per year.

What are your plans after High School and are you prepared to graduate?

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