Humans of ER: Tiana Price And The Art of Stagecraft

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Humans of ER: Tiana Price And The Art of Stagecraft

Annie Volkman, Perspectives editor

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In ninth grade, junior Tiana Price had her first experience being backstage and behind the scenes of the Glacier View theatre. Little did Tiana know that that was only the beginning of her ongoing passion for stagecraft.

Price found her main interest in life, and if she hadn’t gone to the stage crew meeting in ninth grade, she would’ve never found out how much she enjoys it. Her experience was positive, which influenced her to give it a chance. The impression theatre left on her was one of the many things that impacted her.

Price did not give up stagecraft, and she is still involved with it, years later. When she first started, she was pleasantly surprised at how much she liked it.

“I was like, this is pretty cool, and ended up staying for the next four years,” Price said. She wanted to be a part of something, but also be a part of something she enjoyed doing.

She enjoys every aspect of being backstage, from lights to sounds, and props to costumes, there is nothing that she has done that she hasn’t liked. In fact, she started out doing props for one of Emerald Ridge’s plays in 2016. Tiana Price also started out as assistant stage manager, and has been ever since. However, if she had to choose one backstage job to do for the rest of her life, she would be stage manager.

Even though she appreciates everything that comes with theatre, Price’s favorite part is the community.

“I like understanding the inside jokes, it’s just fun,” Price said. She just likes being a part of the theatre as a whole.

So far, Tiana Price’s main focus is backstage work for the Emerald Ridge theatre. However, she has a little experience on stage. All the parts she has played have been small parts as an extra, with little to no dialogue. The times she has been on stage were greatly influenced by her peers, specifically actors. She’d rather not be on stage, but she will if she has to.

Even though being on stage is not her favorite thing to do, her fondest memory from theatre was made from being on stage. Her favorite memory is getting her nickname “land shark.” She was given that name from having to improvise on stage,

“This guy was laying on the ground and I said “Is that a land shark?” and it just stuck” Price said.

Price plans on being involved in theatre for the rest of her life. Not necessarily just backstage work, but just being involved in theatre somehow, even if she is not a part of a backstage crew. She has currently worked on seven plays, and plans to work on many more, not just throughout her academic career, but throughout her life. She wants to be a part of a theatrical company, and to be able to travel with them.

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