Senior Survival

Brooke Gray, Reporter

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Seniors are now resting easily after the war like of senior boards, congratulations for the seniors who passed their boards and now can have a simple less stress free rest of their year as seniors here at Emerald Ridge.

Senior, Katelyn Wiltsey, passed her boards and is relieved from all the stress. For Wiltsey, senior boards was challenging from trying to figure out for each section of the boards.

“Even though it was challenging, in the end it was easy,” Wiltsey said.

With the stress gone, all Wiltsey really needs to focus on is keeping her grades up and passing, but she is glad that the senior boards did help out when it comes to the future for interviewing. She believes it will make it less stressful when it comes to a real interview.

“All I really have to say is that when it comes to the seniors next year, get your portfolio done sooner rather than later,” Wiltsey said.

Another senior who had a difficult time during the war of senior boards is Jeremay Ordway. For Ordway it was quite a challenge,he had a hard time getting the right amount of time and trying not to mess up or forget anything.

“In the end I made it through with nine exceptional and I stop at twelve minutes for my speech,” Ordway said.

Being very relieved that senior boards are now over with, Ordway now only has to focus on school work and work at home. After these stressful boards he can now focus on more important things such as saving up money to head to college and to work on his farm that is slowly rising up.

“We only have chickens right now, but we flattened the ground to build a greenhouse,” Ordway said with a joyful look.

Ordway has a few tips for seniors for next year: not to wait until the last minute, just get everything done right away and not procrastinate, and practice, practice, and practice even more for the speech.

“I practiced in front of the mirror and in the shower. Also, try not to remember everything in perfect details – it can stump you, making you forget other things that you practiced the most for. Also be prepare for questions that you are unaware of,” Ordway said.

Ordway believes that the senior boards really did prepare him for the future for future interviews, heck it will even help someone who wishes to be a CEO.

With these days ticking by these seniors are ready for the ‘real world’, to get out and explore the great beyond of what life gives

However, rumors have been heard that seniors of 2018 and up might not have to do senior boards and that they are discontinuing them since they finally found out that these boards are stressing students.

Patricia McMullen who helps with occupational information in the CCC [Career Counseling Center]  is informing that the rumor is false, that senior boards are continuing and the school board supports the senior boards.

“But changes can always happened, the school board they love that we work with our students to help with their success”,  McMullen said.

McMullen doesn’t think senior boards will be removed, the part that is important is that students can walk away to fill out and create a resume. It can help with scholarships, employment, and college applications.

“A good 20-30 students that through this process that I personally had to work with didn’t know the next step for post high plan”, McMullen said.

One of their main goals for these senior boards is that every student can walk away with a meaningful post high plan.

“It doesn’t mean that everyone is going to college, but also for employment and internship”, McMullen said.

Senior boards are full of stressful moments but in the long run this does really help, senior boards is just one little bump in life, get everything done as soon as you can so you can pass those boards and become ready for the real life of reality.

Congratulations once again to the seniors who passed their’s and for seniors for next year and above I wish you the best of luck to pass yours.

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