Varsity baseball player scholarship bound

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Varsity baseball player scholarship bound

Audrey Burg, Online Editor

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Normally athletes start their sports at a young age to get better as they age and in hopes of getting a scholarship to a college. Baseball has really shaped Senior Matt Benjamin into the person he is today by making him more disciplined in school and sports. He currently plays for ER’s varsity baseball team as a second baseman and shortstop; he also played for the varsity basketball team.

“My dad just decided to make me play baseball so he signed me up and I just started playing baseball,” Benjamin said.

Benjamin received a scholarship for baseball through Edmonds Community College in Seattle. Getting something as big as a college scholarship for a sport has made him feel relieved, realizing that all of his hard work and dedication eventually paid off.

“I’m committed to Edmonds Community College [for baseball],” Benjamin said.

The most memorable game he’s been in was when the team beat Puyallup last year. It was the game in which they recognized Krystal Skoda. Benjamin recalled that it was one of the most amazing games he’s played in.

Most young boys are inspired by their favorite athlete to join a sport; however, Benjamin was inspired to play baseball because of his dad.

“My dad [inspired me] because he played in college and I just want to follow his footsteps,” Benjamin said.

It’s been a desire of his to be on a minor and major baseball team if he is able to. He shares a common dream of many athletes who someday would like to play for the pros. If he’s unable to be on a minor and or major league baseball team, he has no need to worry with backup options.

If he gets the chance to play for a major league baseball team it would be the Seattle Mariners. Since Benjamin is more of a hometown kid he picked a team close to home and close to family.

“It will always be fun to play where you grew up,” Benjamin said.

One interesting fact about him is that he has hit one home run in his whole baseball career, which was definitely a memorable moment.

“It was an inside the park home run. I hit it when I was twelve years old,” Benjamin said.

After playing together for numerous years, sports teams usually make strong bonds with each other. Benjamin’s relationship with his team is incredible considering they’ve all been playing on the same team as each other for a long time. One of his teammates, senior Jake Roten, has been playing with him for 10 years.

“We started playing together when we were nine years old,” Roten said.

Roten confirms that Benjamin is one of the most amazing teammates anyone could have. Also that he supports their other teammates in any situation he can and always has the best interest for everyone.

“He is easily the most reliable infielder that I have played with and I know that I can always trust him to get the job done,” Roten said.

Roten appreciates how hard he works towards his goals and the heart he shows for baseball and his teammates.

“We have grown up playing with each other and it is going to be a memorable year,” Benjamin said.


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