One-Acts: Students Become Directors

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One-Acts: Students Become Directors

Brooke Gray, Reporter

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One-Acts are coming here to Emerald Ridge in this upcoming month bringing five plays directed by seniors at ER; the plays that are going to be shown are: “Accused of Comedy”, “Small World”, “Cheating Death”, “Socks”, and “Hitting on Women 101”. Christopher Tavern, the drama teacher here, hardly works during these plays, having these seniors become directors to their own plays.

“I sort of help during these programs, but mostly it’s the seniors themselves taking over these plays to have experience as a director,” Tavern said.

On March 7th and 8th they held auditions to their plays, and everyone was on various levels in experience of acting. Most of the Fiddler on the Roof actors were there giving One-Acts a shot, but there were also a few new faces too.

During those dates the actors were given the scripts from the five plays for the first time and given a small amount of time to perform certain parts of the plays.

Many were naturals, showing no stress whatsoever; they acted as if they knew the play the whole time. Some others had a harder time, but built it up with being one with the characters, and each time they went back on stage they got better and better.

Junior Anna Caffey is a student who was casted in one of the plays. She is acting in the play “Cheating Death”, and her character is named Sue. In this play the six crazed characters are faced with death (also known as the reaper) and they are trying to figure out who death is coming for, having it take place in a mental asylum.

For Caffey, this isn’t her first time in One-Acts; she participated in her sophomore year and wanted to do it again since it wasn’t stressful and more fun than she expected.

“One-Acts for me is an opportunity for seniors to get a taste to direct and become a director, having it as an experience for seniors,” Caffey said.

Senior Logan Swank is one of the five directors. Swank’s play is called “Small World” by Tracey Scott Wilson, which is a 15-minute modern comedy. It’s about six characters, three of them are couples, and throughout the play there are flashbacks with each of the characters – the ones in relationships and the ones without.

Before Swank became a director of “Small World”, he played in the previous two One-Acts, but this is his first time directing since you have to be a senior to be a director. Swank chose to become a director because it gives him a different perspective to theater, showing that One-Acts is a combination of a lot of different actors as well as the difference in shows.

“I also hope to apply this as an actor and musician,” Swank said.

Another director, senior JT Hamel, is directing “Accused of Comedy” by Carl L. Williams. “Accused of Comedy” is in a world where humor/comedy is illegal and if you are doing anything humorous you are sent to jail, even for just smiling or a simple laugh.

“The play takes place in a world with no humor with two comedians that were arrested,” Hamel said.

This isn’t the first time Hamel has done anything with One-Acts – he acted in his sophomore and junior year. In his sophomore year he was in a play called “Sarah’s Three” playing a character named Sarah, while in his junior year he acted a character named Wain in a play called “Four Baboons Adoring the Sun”.

Hamel wanted to become a director to gain more experience for the future he wants to do. He is planning on going to a school in California in film making to become a director in theater.

“I want to get a better understanding of what I want to do,” Hamel said.


Come support these actors and their directors to these five fabulous plays. The nights that they are playing are the 30th and 31st of March and the 1st of April. Tickets are five dollars and the play starts at seven in the evening.

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