Snow Day Activities

Dominic Gaul, Reporter

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Sunday February 5th as people watched the super bowl the snow began to fall and cover everything in a white blanket and what started out that morning as a prediction of 1-3 inches soon escalated through the day to 6-8. The South Hill area however saw 11+ inches and by that 8:30 that night the school had called to cancel for the following day Monday the 6th due to the snow accumulation and road conditions and again the next day Tuesday the 7th due to snow covered school property that had not been cleared.

The two days off however became days for kids to go out and have some fun in the snow that this area so rarely sees. Kids did a variety of things on these days enjoying the snow and themselves.

Junior Nathan Stroberger had a lot of things to do, “I took my dog for a couple walks and watched her play in the snow for the first time,” Stroberger said.

Now just because it snows doesn’t mean everything you do is outside sometimes you have just enough fun inside as well.

“I stayed inside when I wasn’t playing with my dog I caught up on sleep and played some games just really tried staying warm,” Stroberger said.

Due to the rarity of snow many people find snow days to be fun and days to just relax and also look at the snow.

“Not having to go to school made it really fun for me but just the snow in general did too it’s been awhile since we’ve seen that large of an amount of snow in Puyallup that I can remember it was a nice change of weather,” Stroberger said.

Other people spent a little more time outside like Junior Cole Best.

“I went sledding with my friend Nic in our neighborhood for most of the snow days,” Best said.

Now we did get a little snow back on the first of the year but it was never enough to really do anything and it was gone there shortly after.

“We were able to sled in different spots than in December because there was a lot more snow this time than there had been then,” Best said.

The snow days were something we hadn’t had in a couple years and it was a lot of fun for many kids to get those days off and play in the snow. Whether you spent it inside or out there’s a lot of joy that comes from these days and many different things you could do.

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