Panic of the end of semester

Daniel Gregory, Reporter

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For most students the end of the semester can be difficult, and very stressful. End of the semester means turning in all the work you didn’t do, as well as turning in your final assignments. On top of that students need to study for their final tests for each class. The end of the semester is an important time of the year because in many classes, finals are a huge chunk of your grade. It can make or break your final grade. This year the end of the semester is even more stressful for seniors. Senior portfolios are due on February 15 and the end of the semester is February 1.

“I’m trying to keep my grades from dropping at this point of the year” said senior Deshawn Johnson.

Students have worked hard all year, and most students are working even harder now to keep the grades they have, or to finish with even better grades. Students are finishing strong.


“We need to keep the momentum going into next semester” said senior Andrew Boston.

With students working hard to finish, this also means that they will have a fresh start and they need to continue to work hard into the next semester.

“I feel good about first semester, but were only half way through” said sophomore Cade McGuire.

Students aren’t the only ones who are stressed. Teachers have an even harder time than the students, as they have all their deadlines to finish.

“I feel very rushed. There are students working to finish assignments, while i’m working to grade all those assignments” Mr. Frey said. “I get frustrated with the families that are in panic mode in this last week when they have done very little throughout the semester”.

Second half of the year students need to keep up with their grades so they aren’t feeling panicked or rushed. Get off to a great start.


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