Rare snowfall in South Hill

Sophia Leidy, Reporter

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Before the holidays there were a multitude of complaints about the snow, or rather, lack thereof. South Hill hadn’t seen more than the occasional snowflake since the ice storm of 2011. As the new year loomed closer, reports of an impending snowstorm surfaced. On the morning of January first, 2017, Puyallup awoke encompassed in an inches-thick white blanket.

“The snow was a birthday present for me, and I loved it,” said senior Lindsey Prozialeck.

The following weeks produced sporadic snowfall and treacherously icy roads. There were only two school delays, arguably not enough due to the state of the parking lots. The layer of snow and ice was slow to melt in the cold temperatures.

“I thought it was slick, but with safety, caution, and going slow, it was manageable,” said teacher Ben Muehlenbruch.

Seniors Logan Skoda and Brandon Ellis were of similar opinions – more school delays were not necessary as long as students exercised caution. However, some were unconvinced that the school took the proper steps in ensuring student safety.

“They should’ve de-iced the parking lot better,” said junior Elexis Samuels. “I was walking to my friend’s car and trying to open the door, and I slipped and fell.”

Though South Hill may have been ill-equipped to handle the conditions, the pristine landscape was a welcome break to the monotony that is Western Washington. They don’t call it the evergreen state for nothing.

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