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As a 2017 senior, the race to graduation has kicked into full gear as of early January. Seniors are scrambling to finish the numerous essays required, digging up their best works, or calmly watching the chaos because they are already finished. No matter what side of this spectrum a student falls under, there is an undeniably challenging amount of work ahead. By no means is this designed to be impossible, but the workload has many students stressed as the February deadline approaches.

“It feels like there’s no point to all this work,” senior Connor Morford said. “I know it’s a big deal but everyone is really stressed.”

Morford also stresses that it feels as if the deadline is set much too early and a month of downtime would be beneficial after winter break for students to collect their four to eight best assignments and finalize their community service. He added that the school pushes strongly on students to have their community service plans and reflections done early.

“I’m a bit of a procrastinator honestly, like most people, but I know I can actually get this done and be alright,” Morford said.

In contrast, senior Jarod Vogel agrees with the importance of community service and what it does for students on a personal level. Giving back to the community is rewarding in more ways than just having hours on a time log, and Vogel appreciates the experience.

“If I could change anything about the graduation requirements we have now I would make it more test and grade based instead of a project,” Vogel said. “The community service should stay because it teaches you valuable skills and how to be a community member.”

Pieces of the portfolio project are useful outside of school such as the professional resume students must construct, and the future goals essay which is intended to keep graduates on track with their intended plan.

Staying organized is one of the most important aspects of finishing a portfolio, Vogel noted. Not losing past assignments, keeping all the forms in one place, and finishing the essays in a reasonable amount of time is essential to producing quality work that will pass the guidelines given for each evaluator to grade the project by.

The culminating project deadlines are coming up quickly for seniors, and though juniors have an entire year, there is never a time too early to start. A page for all the forms and essay guidelines is provided on the Emerald Ridge website, and is linked below.


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