Music Releases of 2017

Payton Reid, Editorial Board

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You Me at Six- Night People

English rock band, You Me at Six, are starting 2017 with their 5th studio album titled Night People. The band formed in 2004 but did not produce an album until 2008, but truly peaked after their album Sinners Never Sleep held its own at No. 3 on the UK album charts in 2011. Inspired heavily by Blink-182 and Incubus, You Me at Six will be releasing Night People on January 13th, 2017.


Ed Sheeran- Castle on the Hill, Shape Of You

Singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran recently released two new tracks (Castle on the Hill and Shape of You) that sent his dedicated fans into a frenzy. In just the first few days, the songs broke Spotify records and have collectively been played over 13 million times. While his latest album does not have a release date, it can be expected to be seen sometime in 2017, as his last album dropped mid-2014.


Code Orange- Forever

Code Orange is an American metalcore band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As their sound distances from punk and ascends to metal, Code Orange is releasing their third studio album since the bands start in 2008. The newest album, Forever, has been released on January 13th, 2017 after missing the original release date in late 2016.


Judas Priest- Turbo 30

British heavy metal band Judas Priest, originally formed in 1969, has released over 15 studio albums over the years and continues to put new music out regularly in addition to hosting a tour for each album. Redeemer of Souls was released in 2014 and received praise from die hard fans of the band. Turbo 30 goes on sale February 3rd, 2017 in numerous record and CD bundles available on their website.


The Feelies- In Between

After their split in 1992, and latest release being in 2011, The Feelies are back with their fourth studio album. Originating from Haledon, New Jersey, their punk rock/new wave sound has not faltered since the 70’s, and will be present in their 2017 album, In Between.


The Shins- Heartworms

Albuquerque, New Mexico is home to indie-rock band, The Shins, formed in 1996. Since their first album release in 2001, The Sins have debuted four studio albums and will be releasing the fifth on March 10th, 2017. Heartworms will be their first album recorded in five years, and has been produced by Richard Swift. Heartworms was listed as the StereoGum’s most anticipated albums of 2016, but the release was postponed for the band to put on the finishing touches..



AFI (A Fire Inside) has been releasing albums on a regular basis since 1995, and their self titled record is their tenth studio album, and will be released on January 20th, 2017. AFI might not be a band easily categorized into a genre, and have produced music anywhere from pop-punk to alternative, hardcore punk to rock, and everywhere in between. The upcoming self-titled album has been categorized as rock with influences from Green Day, Danzig, and even The Smiths.



Experimental band Xiu Xiu,  from San Jose, California has set the date to release their thirteenth studio album since 2002. Xiu Xiu is one of the most ambiguous bands in the sense of genre, but are generally described as art rock, a subgenre that takes a modern, avant-guarde approach to traditional rock in the sense that it relies more on the concept than the sound. Xiu Xiu will be releasing their newest album, FORGET, on February 2th, 2017.

Rascal Flatts- Yours If You Want It

2006, 2007, 2008.. (and so on) award winning country trio Rascal Flatts was formed in Ohio, mid 1999. The group has spent their careers releasing singles regularly between numerous television appearances, such as American Idol performances, recording music for Hershey’s commercials, and Disney Channel appearances while the popular show, Hannah Montana, was running. 2017 will be no different for the band, as the single Yours If You Want debuted in early January.

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