Humans of ER: Ian Stout

Audrey Burg, Online Editor

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Sophomore Ian Stout is just like any other person who has holiday traditions except his are more impressive. As a Christmas tradition Stout and his family like to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Prior to watching the Nightmare Before Christmas the Stout family has does a secret Santa; then everyone wears pajamas that were gifted and watches the movie. On Christmas morning the family goes to enjoy breakfast at Denny’s.

Stout’s favorite holiday tradition is having breakfast at Denny’s because he spends more quality time with family. His least favorite holiday tradition is for Mother’s Day because each day is a different letter which makes an acrostic poem; at the end of the week it spells out mother.

He doesn’t like that they have to keep the mother sign up all year until the next mother’s day comes. His mom is one of those people who prefers to have that kind of a thing up all year round.

Numerous people want to have their own holiday tradition especially one that’s about them and Stout just so happens to be one of those people.

“Maybe something for my birthday and if it was like my own tradition I don’t know maybe a parade for my birthday,” Stout said.

To his knowledge his family has luckily not stopped doing any of their holiday traditions. Stout really enjoys his holiday traditions with his family; it’s a really special thing because not everyone has holiday traditions.

“They’re just something that I’ve always done with my life like that little habit thing that you know of and so it’s kind of like that nice little moment that you have every year when it comes with traditions,” Stout said.

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