Humans of ER: Harrison Spensley

Hallie Nelson, Reporter

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Everyone in a point of time discovers their drive for success. Harrison Spensley just so happened to find his in the midst of senior year. Through his messy childhood, he faced obstacles and setbacks that have built him into the man he is becoming. He spends most his time working nights during the school week, up to 35 hours to be exact, yearning for a bright future.

Spensley grew up in the slums of Lake City, Seattle, WA. With his mom’s constant, busy schedule, leaving an unattended bored and lonely boy, he got into mounds of trouble and began falling down a path of petty crime and the immense pressure of his peers. Sophomore year was the toughest yet, encumbered  with bad influences and no authority figure led Spensley to flunk out. That night, his parents shipped him off to the Coast Guard Youth Academy. Five months of isolation from family and friends. Physical discipline with hundreds of other terrified teens. Throughout his journey, he found an impeccable piece of himself. Motivation. Motivation to try in school. Motivation to be a contribution to society.

After the momentous realization, Spensley’s dad took him in and decided change can be for the better, which began his life as a Jag. Positive influences surround him everywhere in Puyallup and he feels himself becoming more mature with the amount of responsibilities he’s taken on. He admits that working out and being in a gym atmosphere for his job at LA Fitness, gives him an overall content with life.

“I am an official gym rat”, Spensley said.

In the future, Spensley sees himself protecting and caring for people, while pursuing firefighting. As of  now, he’s taking EMT classes and intro class to help further his knowledge on the subject. Spensley continues to struggle with his past on occasion but is pushing himself everyday to become the hero he see’s himself as. Spensley announced he has no other plans and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

“There is no backup plan, if I have learned anything from my experiences so far it’s that anything is possible if you don’t give up. Quitting isn’t an option”, Spensley said.

Spensley plans on becoming an inspiration to children and young teens by taking part in a program called The Fire Explorers where he will teach and help children understand what it means to be a firefighter and the dangers of the job.

Spensley is a true example of an underdog. While still overcoming a shaky childhood, his experiences have led him into the direction of not only bettering himself, but bettering those around him. He continues to grow and find new things about himself, and we can all learn something from him. It’s okay to start over, go your own pace and begin a new path.

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