Humans of ER: Jordynn Shearer

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Humans of ER: Jordynn Shearer

Brittany Peralta, Reporter

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Jordynn Shearer is a junior this year, and also a freshman over at Pierce College via the Running Start program offered here. She works hard to help her future career by doing Running Start, playing golf for the school, getting a job, and other things.

Shearer always wanted to do Running Start. She also says that because of Running Start, all her classes are early in the morning so she has more time to be involved in things like Jag Crew and DECA.

“It’s a great program and gives you the opportunity to experience college when you’re still in high school” Shearer said, “And it also allows you to get your associate’s degree which can transfer over to a four-year college, which I’m planning to do.”

Shearer took business and marketing her sophomore year, and that helped her decide what type of career she wanted.

“I didn’t know what I liked or what I wanted to do, so I tried out business and marketing to see if I liked it,” Shearer says, “And I did so I just stuck with the class.” Shearer said.

She is also taking a College Success class which, as the name implies, will help her figure out how to do good in college. Although she isn’t completely sure which college she’s headed to after high school, she says she is thinking about some in Idaho and California that she wants to go to, and she’s already ahead with Running Start.

“In DECA, I get to go to events that allow me to see how to work in management and prepare me for speaking out during presentations,” Shearer said.

DECA is another program Shearer is involved in to help her be prepared for what’s to come. She joined DECA because of the business and marketing class she took last school year. The purpose of DECA is to help prepare for careers in certain fields, such as management and marketing. Last school year, she attended an Area 7 DECA competition at the Tacoma Convention Center, where she got to see what’s it’s really like to work in her field of interest.

She also manages to keep up with a job on top of all of this. Shearer says getting a job has greatly impacted her life. She wants to work in the management field, and says working where she does helps her associate with people and prepare for her future career.

“It taught me how to work hard in the world and it gave me perspective on what other big job opportunities are to come,” Shearer said.

Along with all the hard work she does in school and at work for her career, Shearer is also on the girls golf team. Her dad used to play golf and she’s always been interested in it. She started playing golf her freshman year.

“It’s a good way to get scholarships,” Shearer said.

Jordynn Shearer works hard to ensure that she’s more than qualified for the job she wants. Between everything she does at school, Pierce college, at work, and in DECA, she’s sure to be prepared in her career. She sets a great example of how to plan ahead for the future.

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