Humans of ER: Nic Bacon

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Humans of ER: Nic Bacon

Dominic Gaul, Reporter

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Junior Nic Bacon. He does not participate in activities in or around school but most days you’ll find him either talking to friends while playing video games or longboarding around South Hill or even creating memes for his friends to enjoy.


“I really enjoy playing video games with my friends; it’s fun and relaxing for me,” Bacon said.

Most often than not he will be found sitting at his computer talking with his friends and playing games on his computer and recording footage for his Youtube channel, LebowskiTV.

What Bacon enjoys most about playing video games with his friends and talking with them online is that you can talk and play with your friends even when you can’t go see them. His favorite game of choice he said would have to be Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

“The games really fun to play with friends because you never know what the game’s going to be like it it could be bad or incredibly good it’s always a different experience,” Bacon said.

The game is a competitive online multiplayer shooter created by valve played but thousands.

“My home life is really chill and relaxed,” Bacon said.

At home during the week and weekend it’s really chill and laid back and he really enjoys being there when he can.

Him and his mom are really close and have a strong bond.

“Me and  my mom like to joke around and I show her videos on youtube to freak her out and we just get along really well when we’re around each other,” Bacon said.

Him and his mom share the same personality which contributes for how well they get along together.

“Switching schools in ninth grade changed my life in so many ways I had to completely start over,” Bacon said.

His seventh and eighth grade years were spent at Ferrucci Junior High where he had already established and created so many friendships but then after moving houses he was forced to start all over at Glacier View Junior High.

“I had to completely start new I knew no one at the school really but in the end it was good for me,” Bacon said.

After settling in and getting to know the school he quickly and easily made friends at the new school.

“I came to meet a whole new group of people and I actually really enjoyed the change because I had gained even more friends and had the opportunity to meet new people and by the end of the year I completely didn’t even care that I had been forced to switch,” Bacon said.

The change was sudden for him but he adjusted quickly and was able to continue with both groups as friends.

“My favorite memory has to be Pax Prime in Seattle me and my dad do it together every year,” Bacon said.

When asked his favorite memory Bacon had no issue at all answering that one. His favorite part of Pax Prime

His favorite part about the convention is that you get to try all the new games of the year early and you get to get a peek at the behind the scenes work that goes on. You can also talk to the game developers about their product and learn the ins and outs of what’s going on.

It has become a yearly tradition that his dad and him go up to Seattle to visit the convention that’s held annually. He then went on to talk about the convention.

“I love meeting the youtubers and twitch streamers at the convention because they are all there and you get to meet them and say hi and talk with them for a little bit while you’re at the convention” Bacon said.

His favorite youtubers include iDubbz and FilthyFrankTV.

Bacon leads a pretty ordinary life but he chooses to make it interesting through the things he does whether it’s hanging out with his friends or even just playing Video games.

“My friends hold one of the biggest spots in my life and they always will  I love being with my friends and doing random stuff with them and I just enjoy spending as much time out with my friends asI can,” Bacon said.

Whether it’s through video games or hanging out he loves all his friends and his family and he really just enjoys being with others as much as possible.

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