Helper of Emerald Ridge

Brooke Gray, Reporter

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One of the counselors by the name of Mr. Rosdahl of last names regarding A through E doesn’t only just help with those particular students but he goes beyond by being in the organization that is called FAFSA (Free application for federal student aid). For those who don’t know what FAFSA is, it is a primary form in which the federal government helps with financial aid and college application process to give students more time to apply for aid with awards, scholarships, work studies, and student loans.

“Next week on Tuesday night six to eight, students and parents are able to come to a meeting where we will go over FAFSA, and do a workshop and enroll and send in their FAFSA documents,” Rosdahl said.

Besides doing the workshop for FAFSA Rosdahl is going into classes, mostly senior advisory’s to talk about scholarships and financial aid so students can get their things done.

“FAFSA use to open in January but the government moved it to October, which it has been better since it gives more time to complete,” Rosdahl said.

Other schools are in FAFSA, in which they review students applications and documents done to  give awards to certain amount of students. Also Rosdahl isn’t the only one that works in this all the other counselors, Patricia McMullan, and representatives in the colleges such as Pierce College and Clover Park.

“We are trying to get students on board to complete earlier to get part of the funding to assist them,” Rosdahl said.

When it comes to the deadline you might be very shocked on how many reminders that the counselors give toward students here at Emerald Ridge compared to the Colleges and Universities who already sent their deadline for the next year of fall. For Rosdahl he post updates on his board and reminders on applications to be submitted.

“So we can help students get their applications done before the date. It’s also very beneficial to get it done,” Rosdahl said.

He said he wasn’t always a counselor, in fact he use to be an English teacher. Rosdahl enjoys being with students so even though he enjoyed teaching students about their english lessons, but his need is fulfilled by seeing students that are in need of his help.

“I love teaching there is nothing in the world like being in a classroom with students, just the learning that goes on, watching students grow, and all the teachable moments in which there are many funny things that happen in a classroom.” Rosdahl said. “But to be honest I don’t miss grading all the papers that was a little difficult.”           

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