Humans of ER: Taylan Herbrand

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Humans of ER: Taylan Herbrand

Brooke Gray, Reporter

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Taylan Herbrand has been unique ever since he was younger from a very different zoo trip. When he went to the zoo, zooming past the other people in groups of friends and families he went over toward the aquarium to where you get to pet and observe the aquatic creatures. Unlike other children who squirmed and cried at the sight of some of these creatures, with weird and unreal bodies that seem impossible to this world. He did the quite opposite that shocked many.

“I went right up to the tank and grab a sea urchin from the sea floor and squished it,” Herbrand said.

Herbrand isn’t just some shy guy that outsiders see him as, he is quiet loud and also hilarious  from what his friends have said about him. Mostly when it comes to when Herbrand and his friends hanging out; they chill at favorite locations to chat sometimes to skateboard as well, or back home chilling in front of a screen playing some video games to let off some steam from long stressful days.

“I normally play Destiny a lot with my friends, like an unhealthy amount,” Herbrand said.

Even for how outgoing he is, Herbrand is really a great friend. He is someone who can be counted on, even in the harshest of times. He’s great to have a laugh with to solve all your problems, as if they were nothing to begin with. Someone you could come too when your day is just a pile of poo.

Even though he is still young he has done some great things in his youth, from being in a newspaper to winning a fishing tournament and coming out in first place.

Some things that Herbrand always wanted to do on his bucket list were skydiving and jump off a bridge into water.

“I always wanted to go bridge jumping but I’ve never been able to, but I’ve been cliff jumping though,” Herbrand said.

When his thoughts came to school he was pretty much like other students who never really enjoyed it; from the teachers and stress of schoolwork. Yet he did have a reason to not enjoy school, one of the reasons why Herbrand never had a blast at school was in his Junior high school he had the worst math teacher.

“My math teacher and I didn’t get along and honestly I hated the teaching style,” Herbrand said.

Yet to help him through the days of life and stress of school he had his friends who had his back, the same way he is toward his friends when they are having a hard time. Making it as if his day just got restarted to a fresh start.

Even though he isn’t really a fan of school, there is one thing that he is looking forward to this year; which is when the weather changes from the once warm sun filled days,  to the chilly December days.

“I am looking forward to winter, for the colder weather and snow,” Herbrand said.

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