Teachers And Students Shocked By Threat

Quentin Kean, Reporter

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October 4th, at about 6am the Puyallup School District called the staff and parents/guardians of the students declaring that school would be cancelled. Bob Frey an American Studies teacher had answered a few questions on the situation.


“At about 6:20 this morning, the school had called me,” Frey said.

When asked how worried he was about the situation, Frey said he was glad the school took the right precautions to avoid danger

Mr. Frey had been following the whole situation throughout the day and he was most surprised with how fast everything spread and the speed of the chain of command to keep everyone safe.

Mrs. Connor had also found out about the threat at about 6am. Mrs. Connor wasn’t so worried due to school being cancelled. Connor had been following the situation and was most surprised that another country had informed the school.

Junior Quinn Crommes he found out about the situation when his mom had let him know at about 8am that morning. He was worried about his safety and was still a little uneasy about coming back to school the next day and he was most surprised that it wasn’t a clown threatening the school, but instead by a 16 year old student.

Junior Sydnie Whitman was informed about the situation at about 7am. She was concerned about student safety.

“I was scared… I was… really scared,” Whitman said.

She had been following all the news throughout the day and was most surprised about the fact that it was a 16 year old girl at Emerald Ridge.

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