Threats Rock the Puyallup Community


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“There is an active investigation taking place between the Puyallup Police Department and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department regarding a threat made to Emerald Ridge High School. Because of this, and to provide for the safety of all students on the high school and junior high campus, CLASSES AT ERHS AND GLACIER VIEW JH WILL BE CANCELLED today, Tuesday, October 4, 2016.” via the Puyallup School District.

The news shocked the Puyallup community Tuesday morning as the Police Department announced that there were threats made towards the high school.

As the day continued, we heard more and more rumors about what was going on until the PPD announced that the FBI was involved meaning that this event went national. According to multiple news sites, the post was on a European site, Ask.Fm, and the perpetrator, who is a 16 year old girl that attended Emerald Ridge, said that she was “tired of being called a white cracker” and that she was going to harm the school and the people within it. The post was made the previous day around 1 am and when the officials in Dublin, Ireland saw it they made a call to Washington DC at 3 am our time. The school was immediately shut down after the news for the safety of the people who attend our school.

The suspect was in custody by 3pm PST and there was evidence that was seized from her home. The girl, whose name has not been released, was sent to Remann Hall in Tacoma and is awaiting trial. This event caused a major stir throughout the community because of the problems with clowns that have been going on. This event was not the only major one of the day Rogers High School was locked down due to threatening text messages sent to a handful of the students at the school. There were also reports of a “clown with a knife” on the campus of the school but the only evidence that was found were two masks on a trail near the school. A post on Twitter sums up best what had been going on in the town lately: “Puyallup is a hot mess right now.”

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