Humans of ER: Josh Bruns

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Humans of ER: Josh Bruns

Payton Reid, Editorial Board

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Compassion is the feeling or showing of sympathy and concern for others. While junior Josh Bruns would not consider himself a compassionate person, his knowledge and appreciation of cultures makes for a very open mind.

Being an only child never stopped Bruns from making friends, though the struggles of junior high were evident as with many other 13 year olds.  After growing closer to cousins of the same age and having a brotherly bond, he sought out a larger friend group before high school was to start.

“Part way through freshman year I had a small group but I still felt awkward in it,” Bruns said.

After trial and error, the burden of junior high pressure was lifted, making friends became less of a hassle. One person Bruns formed a bond with over the past few years is someone he travelled with to Washington D.C and never lost contact with upon their return. The learning and growing experience of travelling is not lost, and a friend was gained through the willingness to learn, travel and appreciate.

During his sophomore year, Bruns met a foreign exchange student from Spain, Mariona Amengual, who he is still in contact with today. Amengual’s exchange allowed her stay for an entire school year before her return to Spain, and left Bruns with a small look into the customs of someone with a life so different from his own.

“Tiny cultural differences are important,” Bruns said, “and not everyone gets to see that.”

Though many of his friends reside in the Puyallup area, some attending Emerald Ridge as well, Bruns has made lasting bonds with people living outside the country through social media and language learning apps in addition to the exchange students that come and go throughout the year. “My mom was born in Germany,” said Bruns, and maybe the small connection to somewhere so far away heightened his interest in culture of all places, walks of life, and subjects.

Being well rounded in the means of understanding people from all over the world is a vital role is an important aspect of business, and most career pathways. Bruns has taken business and marketing, French III, visual arts, and numerous other electives that open doors to any career path he looks into.

“I’m interest in a lot,” Bruns said. “When I was little I wanted to be a fireman, or a vet, but that has changed a lot.”

Knowledge of lifestyles, appreciation of differences, and acceptance of people in what makes them exactly who they are has proven to be useful in Bruns’ life over the years. After three years of French class, numerous encounters with people from other countries, along with a growing circle of friends, he stills states that culture is one of his biggest interests.

Music and concerts is a new passion of his, mainly after attending concerts by pop singer Troye Sivan in October 2015 and February 2016 with a group of friends, but culture remains Bruns’ main focus.

Making and keeping friends does not come easy to most, however through personal and social growth Bruns has opened his friendship to more people. Companionship is a give and take situation, and Bruns makes the most of every relationship with an  open mind and heart.

“I like having all kinds of friends,” Bruns said. “I just want to be something good in someone’s life out of all the bad things.”




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