Freddie’s Extra Teeth Disappoints

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Freddie’s Extra Teeth Disappoints

Kierah Tucker, Reporter

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Remember listening to the first song of an album? It really gives off the first impression. Von Zimmer’s album “Freddie’s Extra Teeth” gave off a simple pleasing vibe for an Indie Rock band. It felt like road trip music.


The first impression one could get from listening to this album would be not indie rock, but a grunge-like vibe. There Music sounds more like Nirvana knock off than anything. One of the songs on the Album of Zimmer’s is called “End Of The World” which sounds like Nirvana’s song “Come As You Are”. Most of Von Zimmer’s songs sound heavily influenced by Nirvana’s music. Whether that was the intention or an accident, it was still rather pleasant to listen to.



Cover art for Freddie’s Extra Teeth by Von Zimmer. 

The music itself carry a clever tune,and is very catchy. One could find themselves bobbing their head to the tune of “Where were you,” a song that is on their album. The one thing that could use some changing on the album, would be the tune. In all of their music the songs sound the same, every song carries the same sound, rhyme, and tune, they should probably change it up a little bit. Unless it’s what the band wants, to sound the same.


Besides making knock off Nirvana music, and all songs sounding the same, the band is good to listen to. Since they are kind of newish to the industry of music there is more room for improvement.

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