Senior teacher puts students into a financial game of life with BECU visit

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Senior teacher puts students into a financial game of life with BECU visit

Moe Braun, Social Media Editor

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On Thursday November 12th, Christi Horton, the business and financial literature teacher here, partnered up with local BECU, a non profit credit union to help teach the students the reality of how budgeting can effect your life either negatively or positively.


Each of Horton’s classes at the start of their period meet in the library and were greeted by employees who handed each student a BECU bag. The bags held an assortment of items, the most important being a small booklet.


Much like the game of life, (without the colorful board) the booklet gave each student a new “identity” – it included a job, post education, money, and of course debt. Before they started the simulation, they took a pretest about different aspect with dealing with money, and then after the simulation they would take the test again to see what they learned.


The students were given a task to stay in their budget for a month while maneuvering through different stations that dealt with real life struggles, such as food, transposition, houses, and miscellaneous problems we all have to face eventually.


The students had two payment options; credit or debit. After half of the period was over, each station turned into a personal finance station that went over the students and their spending to see if they were successful with staying in their budget. If they weren’t they had to go back over each of their purchases and try to redo different sections to stay in their monthly budget.
The booklet as well as the tests were collected and given to Horton to review the student progress. BECU will return to help teach healthy financial habits which will stay with the students for life.




BECU employees talking to students at a station. Taken November 10th, 2015.


One  student shows off one of the goodies that came in the bag, sunglasses while at a station. November 10th, 2015.


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