Humans Of ER: fall in the household

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Humans Of ER: fall in the household

Cassie Turek, Reporter

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What is autumn like in your family/household?


Ryan Beauchemin smiles smugly against the wall. Taken November 16th, 2015.

“For Thanksgiving, I would have to say we all sit down, have our mom cooking the dinner and stuff. When the football game is on, we basically sit and eat. Then, when the game is over, we just basically talk around as a family. See what happened in the game, what they could have done better, and see if they won or not, too. When it comes to winter and things I like to wear my favorite hoodie – that I’m wearing right now – I like to dress warmer than cold. Even though I lived up in Montana, and it was way colder there. I like to just stay inside and play games. I also like watching movies and staying warm. Sometimes, on Thanksgiving, we would have a small football game and whoever wins doesn’t have to clean up the kitchen and the dining room.”- Ryan Beauchemin 


Kayln Bradley smiles for the camera. Taken November 16th, 2015.

Well, I do happen to love the weather ‘cause you can wear sweaters all the time. My family doesn’t really do anything special for fall, we don’t – well, okay, so my family watches football but I don’t watch football. I’m not a sports fan. I like fall because I like painting and it’s got all the leaves changing and stuff. It makes for some really good information for like the paintings and stuff. One of my favorite things about fall would be the food people associate with the season, like all the different coffee creamer flavors and desserts. I also like pumpkins ‘cause you can carve them and stuff. Halloween is my favorite part of fall because horror movies are always on TV and everything is kinda spooky.” Kayln Bradley 


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