Humans of ER: Thanksgiving

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Humans of ER: Thanksgiving

Audrey Burg, Social Media Editor

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Jaya Smith poses against the wall with a smug smile. Taken November 18th, 2015.

“[For Thanksgiving break] I’m just going to chill with my family and then we’re going to eat Thanksgiving dinner. My cousins are going to come over. The day before Thanksgiving we’re probably cooking or getting ready for Thanksgiving like buying food and stuff from the store.

[The relatives I’m looking forward to seeing are] my cousin, she’s around my age or my brother’s age, so it’s kinda fun to have someone your age come over – also, my cousins are crazy. I probably won’t help cook ‘cause my mom probably doesn’t trust me but if I did make anything I’d probably make the pie.
“After Thanksgiving dinner, I will sleep a whole bunch because I’ll be fat. The day after Thanksgiving when we went to my grandma’s house we used to put up the tree and decorate it. but this year I don’t know if we are probably are going to do it. Cause we always do it and then decorate it, it’s like a family tradition, in my family and then falling asleep after that.” – Jaya Smith



Steven Plogmann in the grass. Taken November 18th, 2015

[For Thanksgiving break]I think I’ll be doing what any normal American family would be doing and that is being with my family at my grandmother’s house.  [Also] eating some turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy.

[The relatives I’m looking forward to seeing the most are] all of my family because you know your average American family, everyone loves everyone right? I don’t know I’d help my grandma maybe cook the turkey but my grandpa would probably yell at me that I’m going to burn myself or something like that.So you know what, I’ll just stay back and compliment my grandma on her cooking as always.

[Something we’d bring to my Grandma’s house] a platter of vegetables and things like that. Be the one people that bring actually healthy stuff to family gatherings. [ After dinner I’ll] be going home digesting all of that massive amounts of Thanksgiving food. You know sleeping a lot and I hope that for everyone else as well. That’s the dream Thanksgiving dinner.

[Something to add] I would believe today that  a lot of American tradition holidays are being taken away from us. Like Christmas being called winter season and things like that. And you can’t call it Christmas anymore it’s like the controversy over the Starbuck’s cup. I do believe that we should always hold true to Thanksgiving because it was a good event that it was originally from. I think we should always celebrate it because it’s a great classic American tradition.
I hope you all have a good Thanksgiving Day.” – Steven Plogmann

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