Humans of ER: what kind of music do you like?

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Humans of ER: what kind of music do you like?

Brendan Pyper, Reporter

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What kind of music do you like? Why do you like  it?

Cassidy Cucchiara

“I like to listen to music. Big Time Rush is my favorite ‘boy band’ and I started listening to them when they had their show on Nickelodeon quite a few years back. I went to see them in concert at Universal Studios Orlando, but I was in the very back, so I couldn’t see them well. Every concert, they bring up a girl onstage to dance with her. My dream is to be that girl one day. I like them because each one of them has a very unique personality, and their music is great! I would really like to meet them in person if I had the chance. I have a lot of music on my IPod shuffle, ranging from pop, j-pop and country. I prefer using MP3 because CD’s are a hassle to go buy and burn them to your computer to move to my IPod. Itunes is just a lot faster. I like to listen to music while drawing because it helps me express my emotions onto paper through colors.”


Cassidy Cucchiara poses for the camera in the lunchroom. Taken November 18th, 2015.


Devin Farris

“I do like music, but I don’t really have a favorite musician or band. I just download all kinds of rap, hip-hop, and country music from Youtube to my phone. I got about 200 songs downloaded to my phone right now. Music helps keep me calm so that’s why I listen to it so much during the day. I also listen to music at night to help me go to sleep. I would want to go see a concert if I got the chance, but I don’t really care who I see. If I go to a concert, I don’t want it to be crazy or nothing, just a good, clean show.”


Devin Farris poses by the stairs for his Humans of ER picture while listening to headphones. Taken November 18th, 2015.

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