Robotics introduction and preparation brings members together

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Robotics introduction and preparation brings members together

Auston Morgan, Assistant Online Editor

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Emerald Ridge’s Robotics team is one of the smaller teams that is not as well known as most others. The program is meant to teach skills in time management and teamwork. It also prepares the members for more professional situations when working with possible sponsors or contractors.


The Robotics team does many things to prepare for the competitions at the start of January. One of the many preparations they do are fundraisers. An example would be working with restaurants, reserving a day for when they sell tickets to family and others to attend. This allows them to put time in community service, and also gives the opportunity to meet those who support the program.


“Robotics is a fun way to meet new people and learn to work with mechanics,” senior Christian Whalen,head of community service and fundraising, said.

A current service they are doing for the community is Adopt a Road. The team has taken the responsibility of keeping 152nd St. E. near Pope Elementary clear of litter and trash that passersby tend to throw out. This is something the team does to let others know that they are helping the community.


“These kids are amazing, they really hankered in there to make themselves known,” mentor Sue Pernu said. With all that Robotics does to get known, the team still does not have the amount of supporters that are needed. The team needs donations, mentors and support to completely excel in their efforts to grow.
The Robotics team has done many things to be acknowledged, prepare students for future situations, and remind the members to have fun. This unique team, even though not many  recognize, is working hard to be acknowledged.


Taken  November 20th, 2015, Maecen Simon and Christian Whalen working on a frame for the newest robot. Robotics takes place in Portable 12 outside.

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