Marine biology class makes a splash

Moe Braun and Lucas Cook (Summary)

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Marine Biology is a hands on class with an array of different marine life, including but not limited to, crayfish, koi, turtles, bass and guppies. The class is taught by Gary Hibbs, a kind man of the wild. There are two levels of the class, Marine one and two. Marine one classes dissect, and learn the basics of marine life, while Marine twos take care of the fish. Sadly, most people do not know such a class exists.



Darien Martin takes care of the pond simulator tanks, which hold crawfish, guppies, goldfish,and turtles.

Taken by Moe Braun on 11/12/2015



Gary Hibbs, the Marine Biology and Resources teacher poses behind one

of the many acrylic tanks, while mimicking a face of  his beloved fishes.

Taken by Moe Braun on 11/12/2015



Sami Carman waxes a turtle’s shell, something that is

done daily to help keep the shell strong and healthy.

Taken by Moe Braun on 11/12/2015


Hannah Alflen checks the chemical balance of her tank, a vital task

to keep the marine life alive.

Taken by Moe Braun on 11/12/2015



Marine Biology year two students begin work on an underwater sub, once completed correctly will be able to go underwater.

Taken by Moe Braun on 11/12/2015

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