Daffodil princess chosen

Payton Reid, Reporter

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Senior Kallie Sherwood proudly accepted the Daffodil crown, awarded to one girl per school, on Wednesday, Oct. 28th during the honorary annual Daffodil Coronation.

The Puyallup River valley is known for its rich, glacial soil in which bulbs were planted to replace the dying hops industry in 1925. The Daffodil Festival was established in 1926 as a formal garden party that rapidly grew to the leadership program the state recognizes it as today. Fueled by community service, acts of kindness, and admirable hearts, Emerald Ridge is thrilled to have four girls epitome this school, but only one could accept the crown.

Seniors Reilly Treat, Shelby Wood, Lisa Taylor, Kallie Sherwood were all nominated for the position this year, with Sherwood taking the crown, becoming the 2015 ERHS Daffodil Princess.

“It really is a commitment, the girls sign up to work on this over the summer, make a portfolio, do a professional interview, and then they go on to selection night” daffodil advisor Patti McMullan said.

This is a tradition held in high respect throughout the 24 participating Pierce County schools. Despite the yellow dresses, tiaras, and overall glamour of the experience, this role is anything but a pageant.


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“I really can’t explain enough how much this isn’t about the beauty part of it,” McMullan said, “They do all the work and then put the dresses on for selection night.”

Through the course of the night the candidates were asked impromptu questions that they were judged on, as well as individual interviews with the judges before the ceremony began. Each candidate must also meet various requirements such as a minimum 3.2 GPA, cumulative through her past high school year.

McMullan, Career Specialist and advisor, organized the event with assistant principal Kamrica Ary-Turner as the Master of Ceremonies, who enthusiastically introduced the candidates. In attendance were multiple Daffodilians, judges, Executive Director Steve James, and last year’s ERHS Princess, Jaskirat Kaur.

Kaur gave a beautiful speech retelling her experiences as a princess, and warmly welcomed the new princess just before the announcement was made.

Just before Kaur took the stage, the four male escorts performed a lip sync battle that calmed the nerves of the crowd that sat filled with anxious families. The boys had the crowd roaring with laughter while Treat, Wood, Taylor, and Sherwood sat just off stage, preparing themselves for what was to come.

Minutes later, Ary-Turner had the stage once again to present the 2015 Emerald Ridge Daffodil Princess. Standing together, holding hands, and leaning on each other in anticipation, Kallie Sherwood accepted the crown with tears of joy and a hug for each of the girls.

In her acceptance speech, Sherwood made sure to thank the Daffodilians and judges for awarding her this title, her fellow princesses, and her family she for the help she received on this journey, as well as McMullan for the unconditional support.




“From an advisor’s standpoint, I think it forms a great bond with these girls,” said McMullan who spent countless days helping each girl individually, as well as the four all together. She happily praises the growth they have each show, and the friendship they model.

“The biggest thing for me is getting so close with everyone, of course Kallie does more now that she won,” said Taylor, “but we all talk still.”

Starting in the summer, the girls began their community service work and stayed just as devoted in the months that followed.

“It’s a lot of work, but these girls are dedicated.” said McMullan.

Despite there only being one winner, everyone benefited from being involved, and the community benefited greatly from this program over the years.

The Daffodil court has been part of the festival since the beginning, spanning over numerous generations, choosing one princess to represent the school each year, ERHS proudly awarded Kallie Sherwood to fill that role. The other three princesses hold an admirable position that is equally important to the community.




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