Socialization group connects students

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Socialization group connects students

Moe Braun, Social Media Editor

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7 years ago Linda Doolie started the Socialization Group, a group which focuses on having unique experiences with special education students, also known as EXCEL students, and the general education students which helps build positive personal experiences. Peers work one on one on actives, such as arts and crafts, cooking, games, etc. They also do two large community projects a year like making dog biscuits for the Puyallup Animal Shelter or making blankets for the homeless.

The EXCEL class currently has 13 students with Assistive Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices with feature voice output since these students are nonverbal, they often play cards games like Uno and Go Fish. The EXCEL class has various communication boards so that the non-verbal students can communicate with their peers.

The group used to meet weekly on Thursday during Jag, but this year things are a little different.

Due to the new whacky JagTime schedule, the group now meets once a month on Thursday for 45 minutes during 5th period.  Since the group has a new time that they meet, the students from the general education are from Mrs. Muehlenbruch’s Teaching Academy as well as Mrs. Wickett’s Intro to Med. Careers. Hopefully the next semester they are able to change back to JagTime so more students who aren’t part of those classes can be a part of this amazing group.
If you have any questions, stop by Mrs. Doolie’s office or even feel free to stop by the EXCEL classrooms, which is a welcoming environment.

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