South Hill comes together for bingo night

Pope Elementary School held a bingo night at Emerald Ridge Feb. 6.

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The give back to the community bingo night took place Feb. 6 in the commons at Emerald Ridge.

“The bingo night is really designed for the community to come together and have fun,” Pope  Elementary principal Dave Sunich said

This experience also helps the school in many ways. The cost of the bingo boards go towards the school.

“It is also a little bit of a money maker for our PTA, for different projects that help support the school,” Sunich said.

In bingo, the objective is to get a bingo and to win prizes. The grand prize was a pair of Beats headphones, but there were many tables set up with other prizes that were brought from participants’ homes to give to others, such as children toys, candy, gift cards and more.

“I believe this is great because it’s not just the families of the children who go to Pope that attend, it’s the extended families and others, even people who do not attend the school,” Kindergarten teacher Amy Gray said.

Because people brought toys, food and other essentials, there was enough for everyone to win something. The children put the baskets together and teachers also donated things to auction off.

“I donated earrings for [the] days of the week, so several pairs of earrings for the price of one raffle ticket,” Gray said.

This isn’t just about making money for the school though, it’s really just a chance for the school and people in the South Hill community to get together and have a blast.

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