Girls’ wrestling in need of more members

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Most have probably seen the signs around school stating that the Emerald Ridge wrestling team needs more girls to fill every weight class.

So far wrestling has seven girls. If the girls part of the wrestling team does not have enough members they cannot wrestle. If they cannot wrestle the girls must forfeit their matches.

“We use to have teams in the 20’s, which was pretty good, [but] for the last two years it [has been] more difficult,” wrestling coach Jim Meyerhoff said. “I think that we haven’t really done a good job with selling [the team].”

There are 14 weight classes for girls, encompassing all weights.

“We have all weight classes [open] from lower weights to those who may be a little heavier,” Meyerhoff said.

Girls or boys interested in joining the wrestling team can talk to Meyerhoff in room E-107 and get the information needed. Those interested need to be on the roster before the end of December to be able to compete.

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