Junior aspiring to become next Stan Lee

Morgan Pipkin has been making her own original comics since age 10, and aspires to become a famous comic creator.

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Junior aspiring to become next Stan Lee

One of Morgan Pipkin's drawnings.

One of Morgan Pipkin's drawnings.

Contributed by Morgan Pipkin

One of Morgan Pipkin's drawnings.

Contributed by Morgan Pipkin

Contributed by Morgan Pipkin

One of Morgan Pipkin's drawnings.

Kierah Tucker, Reporter

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[This article originally appeared in the Nov. 7 2014 edition of JagWire]

When it comes to drawing or anything artistic and colorful, junior Morgan Pipkin is the girl to go to. She’s the girl who can make anything vibrant and amazing. She is an aspiring comic book writer, with her own comic books out online, and has contributed to many websites. She has her own killer style when it comes to drawing.

For Pipkin, comic book writing started early, at the age of ten. Drawing and writing had always been fun for her to do. Her father had played a big part in this. Movies, actors, and books did as well.

“I remember my dad used to read comic books to me when I was little, and I always would draw fan art,” Pipkin said. “Then I started adding words and making them into a comic of my own, but that didn’t start until I was ten years old.”

Pipkin described herself as creative and unique. She was inspired to write her first comic after she saw the first Batman movie with actor Michael Keaton as Batman, directed by Tim Burton. What set her idea, though, was the comic book Spider Man.

“It started out with Batman, and then everything,” Pipkin said. “But I remember Spider Man comics had given me some great ideas, before Batman.”

It was really hard for her to pick her favorite comics, but she said it was a three way tie between Deadpool, Avengers, and the X-Men.

“DeadPool, Avengers, and X-Men are my favorite comics because my husbands are in it,” Pipkin said. “And I grew up on them.”

Pipkin considers comic book writing her future job career, and hopes one day she’ll be big and famous like Stan Lee, a famous comic book writer who created the whole Marvel universe. She wants to get her original comics published in the next five years or so.

“I really plan on doing this when I’m 20. I don’t really like a lot of attention in high school,” Pipkin said.

This isn’t just a hobby for Pipkin, but it’s also an escape. High school can be stressful. Some people use yoga, exercise, or eating as a stress reliever, but Pipkin uses her own method: drawing and comic book writing.

“Art to me is something emotional, whether it’s a picture or words or a drawing,” Pipkin said. “There’s always meaning to someone’s art.”`

Art to me is something emotional, whether it’s a picture or words or a drawing. There’s always meaning to someone’s art.”

— Junior Morgan Pipkin

Art to her is something else. It’s different. It’s deep. It could be an escape, a hobby. It is what makes her happy.

“My art means to me everything in the world,” Pipkin said. “It’s my happy place.”

Pipkin has written her first comic book, titled ‘IZombie’. That would is her personal favorite of her comics.

“IZombie is about a bunch of different characters that are demons, spirits and, of course the main character, which is a zombie named ‘Zombie’,” Pipkin said. “They are basically trying to live normal adolescent lives, being as normal as they can without eating someone’s brains.”

Pipkin was not able to come up with a name for her main character, so she ended up calling him Zombie, and then decided to call her whole comic book ‘IZombie’ .

Pipkin has her favorite comic book strips in her comic book ‘IZombie’.

“My favorite comic book strip from ‘IZombie’ would have to the one where Zombie gets his first pet, named Greg, and is happy because he doesn’t eat him,” Pipkin said.

Pipkin has favorite characters of course, which include Zombie and the Queen of the Dead. These characters are her favorites because she created them herself. She loves them the way they are. Pipkin’s other favorite thing to do is draw fanart and write fanfictions.

“I love [the TV show] ‘Once Upon A Time’, and the Avengers, so I draw and write fanfictions for it,” Pipkin said. “When I have inspiration, I just do it.”

Inspiration plays a big role in Pipkin’s artistic lifestyle.

“I get inspiration from just reading, watching TV, watching a good movie and my favorite TV show, and sometimes other people, and famous people,” Pipkin said.

Pipkin even had a message for those wishing to follow their dreams.

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do what you want,” Pipkin said. “In this day and age, it’s hard for even one person to be able to follow their dreams, so be that one person and do what you want. Never stop achieving your goal.”

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