New tardy policy aims to promote attendance

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ER has a new tardy policy consisting of many new rules and outlining how things will be working around the school.

“I think that the old one was just fine – the students will do whatever they want no matter what,” junior Sydney Hutmacher said.

The new policy is made up of some new consequences. Having one to three tardies will get you a  warning from a teacher, four to eight will get you a Tuesday school, nine to 14 will get you a Saturday school, and 15 or more tardies will get you an in-school suspension.

“Sometimes there’s no way to get to class on time – like if you are finishing something for a class and the teacher just won’t write you a note,” junior Mahala Smith said.

There will be a trial period to see if the tardy policy is helping get more people to class on time. The doughnuts that were being passed out a few weeks ago are a way that they are supporting it. Doughnuts are given to select classes that have all students on time, all homework done, and where all students are present.

“It all depends on why they are late,” assistant principal Charmaine Krause said.

Administrators are the ones who will be enforcing this policy. They will be giving out the punishments and maybe they will have one or two teachers help them out. Most kids already know about it and that will help out the teachers and administrators to keep others on track.

“It’s more about the little conversations and not the actual punishment,” Krause said.

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