A place for writers: Writers’ Society hosts write-in

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Oct. 24 is a special day for Writers’ Society members. It’s the first official write-in since the club was revived in the 2011-2012 school year. A write-in is exactly what it sounds like – a two hour writing party. This write-in is a Halloween-themed potluck, where members are encouraged to wear a costume, bring snacks or a meal, and most importantly, be ready to write.

“We’ll have brownies, and we’re going to be making zombie gingerbread cookies by ripping off their limbs and decorating them with red icing for blood,” club president and senior Sydney Blankenship said.“Sometimes we have writing challenges where we write one thousand words in 30 minutes, which is easier said than done.”

The write-in will also include a prompt box for people who don’t know what to write about, relaxing music to listen to while they write, food, and other writing games such as word wars.

“I’m going to doodle skeletons and paste them around my house,” Blankenship said. “It’s gonna be spooky.”

The write-in isn’t just for members; it’s for anyone that wants to write.

“We haven’t had a concrete write-in since the club was restarted when I was a sophomore. I can’t come because my schedules been really booked,” vice president and senior Brandon Russo said. “I usually like to write fantasy, horror and romance. Romance is the big one though, and currently I’m working a story that’s based off of a real-life event, so it’s been testing my ability to recall actual events.”

Writers’ Society meets the first and third Wednesday of every month in portable 3 with AP Junior English teacher Jay Bates. The potluck will be at Blankenship’s house at 4:30 p.m. tonight.       

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